Galliard Primary School – 5W

Session 3 • Pre-production: animation techniques, storyboarding & equipment

“To create our animation we used a wide variety of materials to make an attractive and interesting animation. We used cellophane to create the blue Olympic ring, then after we used a blue tiddlywink to continue with the animation and we used this idea with all the Olympic Rings. This idea came to us because we thought using the same materials would be boring. We used green card to create the green Olympic ring. We liked the idea of using card because it is harder than paper.”

“Animating the music for the Benjamin Britten project was very exciting. We all had different pieces of music which we had to put our own animations to. 5W’s piece of music started peacefully and as it went on it became dramatic and that’s where our inspiration of the Olympic Rings came in. The loudness of the music gave us an idea to make a volcanic eruption which spurts out orange lava and the all important Olympic Rings. Next, the five Olympic Rings collide together to form themselves onto their continents. Finally the Olympic Rings form themselves onto the Great Britain flag.”

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White Woman Lane School

About White Woman Lane School

Our school is White Woman Lane
“We do epic projects such as James and the Giant Peach and Gorilla. But this is the best! Rebecca said “That our school is a fun, attractive place, with civilisation!” Here’s something from the website.
All our teachers give freely of their time, to talk and to listen, for we know this helps promote good teacher-pupil relationships, so essential to encouraging good attitudes to learning and school.”
Denzel Wright, age 10

“We are from Norwich and we are very proud of it!
Norfolk is a low-lying county in the East of England. It has borders with Lincolnshire to the west, Cambridgeshire to the west and southwest and Suffolk to the southThe city of Norwich is the county town of Norfolk which is the fifth largest county in England, with an area of 5,371 km² (2,074 sq mi). Norfolk is a rural county it has a low population. The Broads, a well known network of rivers and lakes, is located towards the county’s east coast, extending south into Suffolk. The area has the status of a National Park and is protected by the Broads Authority. The urban or built-up area of Norwich had a population of 213,166 according to the 2011 Census.[3] This area extends beyond the city boundary, with extensive suburban areas on the western, northern and eastern sides.
Norwich is one of the greenest cities in the UK with miles of riverside walks, unique parks and acres of woodland running right into the city centre. An average travel to work time of just 19 minutes makes living and working in Norwich an attractive prospect, more people walk or cycle to work in Norwich than any other city in the UK.
There’s a unique quality of life you’ll enjoy in Norwich and Norfolk. There’s great entertainment, abundant restaurants, cafés and shopping in the City Centre and outside the city limits are market towns, beautiful countryside, the Norfolk Broads and East Anglia’s stunning coastline. The City boasts unique archictectural treasures, over thirty medieval churches, two cathedrals and a Norman Castle.
White Woman Lane Junior School is a school for years 3 – 6. It is in Old Catton in the north of Norwich. Our Moto is ‘A school full of smiles’ because everyone is always smiling. It is a fantastic school with all of the teachers here to help. We always have a laugh exept from when something has gone wrong with someone. No one can say we are not sporty because we win lots just come and see our trophies that will prove you wrong we do more than one sport.”
Charlie-ann, age 9 almost 10

White Woman Lane School

Session 6 • Completing the Animation

“Animation club has been a brilliant time because we have been using I-pads, I-macs, miniature tripods and computers. Rebecca said that she has enjoyed working with me. Tia-lily liked animating her bit in the animation. Denzel said that he liked animating as well, I liked every thing because instead of sitting at home on my xbox 360 every Thursday ,so I now come to animation club. enjoy Thursdays more because I can see my friends while I do fun activities. ”
Kaine Moore, aged 10

“What materials we used in the animation ☺:
• We used glitter to make the sea.
• We used Fimo (a type of clay) to make some animals.
• We used pipe cleaners to make the forks that stab the sun.
• We used a printed flag of Norfolk and of Norwich castle to make our castle and flag.
• We used coloured paper to make the hill and sun.
• We used card to make the crabs claws.”
Ben wicks, age 10

White Woman Lane School

Session 5 • Production

“In session 5 we continued animating the animation, creating our credits and designing them to show our personalities. We also helped each other write our blogs.”

Rebecca Sampson, age 10

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White Woman Lane School

Session 4 • Animating and group working

“In session 4, 5 and 6, we started animating the animation, creating our credits and designing them to show our personalities. We also helped each other write our blogs.”
Rebecca Sampson, age 10

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